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A non-profit organization dedicated to educating Ohio citizens about the Ohio Next of Kin Database

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What is the Emergency Contact Database?


How would law enforcement find your loved ones if you were in an accident? The only information first responders have to identify you is the address on your drivers license. Is someone always home at the address on your drivers license? If not, the police then must begin a time intensive search to find your loved ones. Precious hours that will pass before your family knows you are injured and have been taken to a hospital. The national average is SIX HOURS before law enforcement can locate next of kin!

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles now offers you the opportunity to voluntarily provide emergency contact information. All you need is your Ohio Drivers License or State ID.  The link is below! You will be able to 
enter the two people you would like to be notified if you are injured and unable to speak. Your emergency contact information is very secure and can only be accessed by authorized law enforcement personnel.

This means that your loved ones can be found within minutes.....not hours after you have been involved in any kind of accident!  Just click the link below:

Click here to go to the Ohio BMV website to enter your Emergency Contact Info

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